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Orange County Room Conversions

Home Office, Home School, Home Gym, Home Restaurant, Home Spa and many more.

Home Office, Home School, Home Gym, Home Restaurant, Home Spa and many more.

The world has changed almost overnight with the threat of COVID19.  We found ourselves staying at home for long periods of time for our own safety and the safety of others.  But life must go on, so we must all learn how to adopt to the new normal we are in.  Employers and employees must now put much consideration on having the option of working from home without sacrificing productivity. Homes have become satellite offices. Parents must weigh the option of home schooling in order to keep their children safe until an effective treatment and vaccine is found. Homes are now your fitness centers.  Homes are now your new favorite restaurant, and your staycation destination. COVID19 has been devastating to our society as a whole yet it has opened minds to be creative which led to opportunities for some. Humans are inherently adaptable, flexible, and resilient.  We find ways to survive, to evolve, and to flourish.

Project Build Construction and Interiors is no different than our customers.  Our skills and creativity are put to the test.  Our goal is to create environments that are beautiful, stylish, efficient, and functional.  In order for your home to be an “all-inclusive” environment that will answer to your work, school, fitness, relaxation, entertainment, and culinary needs, we have the ability to help you design and construct your home into home office, school, gym, spa, and a gourmet cook’s heaven.


Your home may or may not have the space to convert.  Certain spaces can be efficiently converted with minimal framing, drywall, and painting.  Some may need additional work such as electrical, HVAC, flooring, carpentry, and plumbing.  Whether you will convert a room or space or need to build extra square footage on your property, we can be of help.  Some spaces such as spare bedroom, walk-in closet, loft, attic space, and balcony can be turned into home office, library, or gym.  Existing kitchens can be modified to bring in bigger or better appliances, additional storage, ease of access by removing walls or change of layout to create an open concept and functionality. It will allow you to safely monitor young children as you prepare and cook meals for the family. Bathrooms can be your own personal spa where you can relax and get away from the world right there in your own home.  We can design and build an updated bathroom that mimics your favorite spa with the right finish materials and fixtures. Design, layout, and functionality are factors that we must take into consideration to give you the bathroom of your dreams.


Whether space is limited or big enough to do the conversion, we can help you design your space to answer to your needs.  Minimalist or maximalist, stylish and comfortable, grand or affordable luxury, formal or casual living, traditional or contemporary chic, whatever you fancy we are here for you.  You are a part of the team. We believe that collaboration and communication between contractor and client saves us both of disappointment and misunderstanding. We give you access to contractor-only showrooms to choose your finish materials.


Complimentary Initial Consultation

  • This is the very first step we do in order for us to get a better understanding of what you expect, what can or cannot be done, and to know the lifestyle in your home.  This step allows us to know every single need that you and your family have, your ideas, and the budget you have set.  

Design and Scope of Work

  • Knowing what you like and what your expectations are, we can start with the design process and the scope of work that the conversion will require. It is very helpful for us to know the budget you have allocated in order to come up with the design that will fit your needs.  It helps us in the material selection, allocate funds, and flexibility to adjust certain scope of work accordingly.

Design Approval 

  • We will get your final approval of the design, the product selection, layout, and time allotted for the conversion project.


  • Certain projects will require City Permits before we start.  The City will need to approve plans and if certain corrections or modifications need to be made.  Once city issues the permit we are ready to begin.


  • The project will commence and trades are scheduled accordingly to allow for us to create your space with quality and efficiency.  There are instances where delays cannot be avoided such as materials delivery date, inspector corrections, and unforeseen issues arise that must be dealt with before going further. Any work change orders or additional work orders will be discussed with you and will require approval from you and our management.  We strive hard to remain on schedule and on budget.  As a rule of thumb, homeowners need to set aside contingency funds anywhere from 15-20% for unforeseen changes or additional scope of work that cannot be avoided

Delivery and Reveal

  • Finally, after completion of work, we will present to you your new space as designed. You will walk the space and check to make sure everything is completed and done well.  We care about our reputation and we are proud of the quality of our work and customer service.  Our goal is to have you delighted to give us the 5-star rating on customer review platforms that we work hard to keep and for you to refer us to your family and friends.

Project Build Construction and Interiors is your partner in this new normal.  We want you to be as comfortable and as happy as can be.  We want you to be proud of your home. We want you to be safe and healthy to enjoy your space.  And like you, we are looking forward to be able to celebrate together again, to shake hands, and give hugs. Together, we can get through this.

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