Maria Nicholson is the President and CEO of Project Build Construction and Interiors based in Laguna
Hills, CA. Maria’s story is that of an immigrant with big hopes and dreams. These hopes and dreams
have always been the inspiration and motivation she draws upon in the way she built and managed her

Nicholson came to the United States in 1989 with a $100 bill in her pocket. Born and raised in Manila,
Philippines, she came to join her brother and his family in Silver Spring, Maryland when she was 23 years
old. Her parents Valentino and Lydia always dreamt of sending all their children to the United States to
fulfill their dreams of financial stability for them. The sudden decline in her father’s health and the
impending hardships that lie ahead, made her parents decide to send her to the US.

In 1990, she married her husband Cal, who was a property manager of multiple multi-dwelling
complexes in Maryland. With the entrepreneurial gene, Nicholson together with her husband co-
founded and started a flooring business that thrived in the tri-state area of Maryland, District of
Columbia, and Northern Virginia. In the mid-2000s, the building boom in the State of Arizona brought
this couple to Phoenix. When the housing market crashed, they decided to move to Southern
California’s Orange County where they are happily residing now.

With the heart and passion for architecture and design, Nicholson pursued and consulted with mentors
in engineering, building, and remodeling. Now a licensed B (General Construction) by the
Contractor State Licensing Board of the State of California, this minority woman's hope and dreams are
coming into fruition. In a male-dominated industry, she strives to pave the way and inspire other
women to go into construction. She believes that women have the inherent traits to be successful in this
field. Detail-oriented, natural knack for aesthetics, efficient and organized, she is positive that more and
more women will be able to finally break that barrier and be recognized and appreciated in this industry.
While running a business, she was also the primary caregiver of her mother Lydia, who in her later years
developed Alzheimer’s Dementia and Kidney Disease. Those years had made Nicholson to learn more
about the disease as well as how to help the aging population live in a safer environment where they
can live their lives in dignity and less fear. The cause of her mother’s death in 2017 was not due to
Alzheimer’s nor the kidney disease, but a fall that she sustained while in rehab after surgery for a hip
injury that was also caused by a fall at Lydia’s nursing facility. These series of unfortunate events made
Nicholson more determined and driven to incorporate her expertise into a resource for the adult
children, caregivers, medical professionals, nursing facilities, and the general public in designing and
remodeling the living environment for aging seniors and physically challenged individuals where they
can be made safer. Research shows that the great majority of the aging population would like to stay in
their homes where everything is familiar, where they are comfortable, where their prized possessions
are, and more importantly where their beautiful memories were made. Maria Nicholson is a Certified
Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), a designation given by the National Association of Home Builders (NHBA).
CAPS professionals are trained professionals who have extensive knowledge and tools to provide
guidance and expertise in designing, revitalizing, and modifying the home environment of households
with elderly and physically challenged members allowing them to live and enjoy their homes longer.


Maria Nicholson’s hopes and dreams are taking shape in her professional and personal life. The dream
and hope to be a significant contributor in the improvement of lives in our society. The dream and hope
to be a partner in making your home a place you can proudly call your own, designed, built, remodeled,
or modified to your own specific needs. The dream and hope that families can still live together for
many more years even if health deteriorates or an unfortunate event strikes. The hope and dream to
inspire others, empowering them to be positive, focused, determined, and resilient in the paths that
they chose, and to continuously give back by paying forward so others too can realize their hopes and

She is available to speak at your place of work, community centers, professional groups and
organizations, churches, schools, radio stations, television, and other venues where her knowledge and
expertise can benefit in providing the education and solutions to the home and environment of the
aging population and the physically or mentally challenged members of the family, as well as their
healthcare professionals, caregivers, and family members. To book Maria Nicholson send us an email at or call her directly at 714-767-4198. She also welcomes the opportunity to
contribute an article about Aging in Place to newsletters, newspapers, and other publications.

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