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Orange County Room Additions

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Why Hire Project Build as Your Room Addition Contractor in Orange County, CA

We specialize in delivering timely and cost-effective residential expansions, guided by motivated, adaptable, and focused teams. Our expertise extends to navigating the residential permitting process seamlessly. Our meticulous estimates provide comprehensive details, and we collaborate closely with clients to address budgetary constraints.

As we all recognize, the foundation of a successful project lies in selecting an adept contractor with a proven history of excellence and achievement. Over the years, Project Build Construction has consistently delivered exceptional results to its clientele.

Opting for Project Build Construction to oversee your Room Addition, House Extension, or Additional Area construction translates to access to the industry's premier craftsmen and top-tier building materials.

Our considerate team of experts is committed to ensuring your project's triumph and enhancing your overall experience, accompanying you through every step from demolition to the final inspection.

Home Addition Services


Room Additions

Room additions offer a dynamic way to expand your living space by introducing an entirely new room to your home's layout. Whether you envision a tranquil sunlit reading room, a versatile home office that fosters creativity and productivity, or a welcoming guest bedroom for visitors, room additions grant the opportunity to tailor your living environment to your evolving needs. By seamlessly integrating the new space into your existing architecture, you can achieve a harmonious balance between the original structure and the innovative addition.

Second Story Addition.jpg

Second Story Additions

Elevating your home's design with a second story addition provides a remarkable avenue for substantial expansion without encroaching on your property's footprint. This project involves expertly crafting a new level that harmonizes with the existing structure, creating a symphony of architectural coherence. The possibilities are virtually limitless: from adding extra bedrooms to accommodate a growing family, to incorporating a luxurious master suite complete with a private balcony, these additions can reinvigorate your home while maintaining its foundational character.

Bumpout Addition.jpg

Bump-Out Additions

Bump-out additions are precision-designed expansions that cater to the targeted enhancement of specific rooms. By judiciously extending certain areas, such as your kitchen or bathroom, you create valuable space that caters directly to your lifestyle needs. An extended kitchen can seamlessly integrate additional countertop space and storage, making meal preparation a delightful endeavor. Similarly, a bathroom bump-out could facilitate the inclusion of a spa-like soaking tub or a more spacious shower, turning your daily routine into a serene retreat.

Garage Conversion.jpg

Garage Conversions

Converting your garage into a livable space unlocks a multitude of creative possibilities, allowing you to reimagine its utility in accordance with your family's requirements. The transformed area could evolve into a private workout haven with fitness equipment and ample ventilation, an artist's studio bathed in natural light, or a cozy guest bedroom that provides an intimate retreat for visitors. This conversion not only maximizes existing square footage but also breathes new life into an underutilized portion of your property.

In-Law detached suite.jpg

In-Law Suites

The concept of an in-law suite encompasses a self-contained living space integrated within your home, offering both autonomy and proximity for family members or guests. With its own bedroom, bathroom, and often a small kitchenette, an in-law suite fosters a sense of privacy and independence while maintaining a close connection to the main household. This thoughtful addition caters to multi-generational living arrangements and reinforces the bonds that tie family members together.

Kitchen and Room Extension.jpg

Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen extension represents an imaginative approach to enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of one of the most vital spaces in your home. The expansion provides room for an expansive cooking area, enabling you to experiment with culinary delights and entertain with ease. Moreover, the extended space often accommodates a comfortable dining area where family and friends can gather, forging meaningful connections over shared meals and conversations. This project blends practicality with style, fostering an environment that resonates with your culinary passion and social inclinations.

Sunroom Addition.jpg

Sunroom Additions

Envision a serene sanctuary where the beauty of nature converges with the comforts of indoor living—a sunroom addition realizes this harmonious union. This versatile space captures abundant natural light and frames scenic views, creating an inviting ambience that transcends seasons. Whether you intend to cultivate an indoor garden, bask in the warmth of the sun's rays with a good book, or savor morning coffee in a tranquil setting, a sunroom addition invites the outdoors in while ensuring shelter from the elements.

Family Room Addition.jpg

Family Room Extensions

A family room extension serves as an expansive canvas upon which you can paint cherished memories and moments of togetherness. By enlarging this communal space, you craft an environment that accommodates the needs of each family member while nurturing shared experiences. This inviting extension caters to various pursuits, whether it's hosting lively game nights, enjoying movie marathons, or simply engaging in heartwarming conversations. Its open layout encourages connectivity and shared appreciation, serving as a vibrant hub that radiates warmth throughout your home.

deck patio addition.jpg

Deck or Patio Additions

Transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat involves the creation of a deck or patio—an extension that redefines how you enjoy the great outdoors. A deck addition, elevated above the ground, provides an elevated vantage point from which to savor picturesque views and relish fresh air. Conversely, a patio addition situated at ground level offers a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor domains, becoming a canvas for al fresco dining, lively gatherings, and serene relaxation. By incorporating design elements that resonate with your aesthetic preferences, you curate an outdoor haven that complements your lifestyle.

Home Office Addition.jpg

Home Office Additions

As remote work and telecommuting become increasingly prevalent, the need for a dedicated home office space gains prominence. A home office addition fulfills this necessity by offering an environment that promotes productivity and concentration. Beyond a functional workspace, this extension can be thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and innovation, incorporating ergonomic furnishings, ample storage, and optimal lighting. By fostering an atmosphere conducive to focused work and professional growth, your home office addition seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, enhancing both your professional endeavors and your overall sense of balance.

Outdoor Kitchen.jpg

Outdoor Kitchens

Elevate your culinary experiences and al fresco dining by crafting an outdoor kitchen—an extension that marries gastronomic delights with the splendor of nature. This innovative addition transforms your backyard into a hub for culinary exploration and social gatherings, featuring state-of-the-art cooking appliances, ample countertop space, and comfortable seating arrangements. The harmonious blend of a lush outdoor setting with the sizzle of grilling and the aromas of gourmet creations creates an ambiance that encapsulates the joys of shared meals and convivial conversations.

pool cabana.jpg

Pool Houses or Cabanas

The addition of a pool house or cabana offers a harmonious fusion of leisure and convenience within your outdoor oasis. This versatile structure serves as a changing area, storage facility, and relaxation space for swimmers and sunbathers alike. With its functional amenities and aesthetic appeal, a pool house or cabana complements the poolside ambiance, providing respite from the sun, a haven for relaxation, and a stylish backdrop for entertaining. By enhancing the functionality of your pool area, this addition contributes to an elevated and enjoyable outdoor lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Zoning Restrictions Should I Look Into?

While local zoning laws will inevitably vary, you should always check to see if any restrictions pertain to your property. Depending on the goal of the project, a home addition can add substantial space to your house, so make sure you're allowed to build within the requisite measurements. A building department consultation is essential as there are also height restrictions and other rules to consider.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend?

Your overall costs will depend on the type of addition you have in mind. To get an exact estimate, you'll have to set up a meeting with us. You can either Call or Email us here. Don't forget to account for long-term expenses, as well. If your home increases in size, your energy bills and property taxes will follow suit. As long as you're realistic about costs in the beginning, you'll be less likely to run into any bank-breaking surprises.

Will I See a Return on My Investment?

Once you have your budget figured out, another big question arises: Will this project add any value to your home? You should always think about resale value and return on investment, but keep in mind that additions typically yield less return than traditional remodels. If you're concerned about resale, see if your proposed plan is listed on Remodeling 's annual Cost Vs. Value Report.

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