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kitchen remodel in Mission Viejo

Kitchen Remodel in Mission Viejo, CA

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Experts in Mission Viejo, CA

Complete Kitchen Transformation in Mission Viejo, CA


When we were first approached with this project we were very excited to start working right away. This Mission Viejo Kitchen was in a dire need of a complete transformation.


The owners of the home wanted a darker theme more storage and a better workflow. We started by demoing the brick wall above the sink and the cabinetry around the entire kitchen. We replaced the brick wall with cabinets and a nice tile backsplash around the entire kitchen. As for the cabinets, added more above the sink and constructed larger ones on the right-hand side of the kitchen. Lastly, in an effort to provide more cabinets space for storage, we made a corner cabinet in the left-hand corner of the kitchen. 


In order to create a more appropriate workflow in the kitchen, we relocated the island to the left-hand side and moved the refrigerator to the right wall. This opened up more space and create a triangle path between the fridge, stove, and sink.


The green paint was the biggest change to the entire space. We covered the green paint with the new cabinets and backsplash. Now that the dark cabinets were creating a more constricted feel in the Mission Viejo Kitchen we added more lighting to the ceiling to create a more expansive space.


Lastly, we upgraded the microwave and stove. The owners of this Mission Viejo Kitchen were very happy with this dramatic transformation of their kitchen.


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