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How to Give Your Bathroom Design a Luxurious Feel

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

luxurious bathroom

The modern-day bathroom is no longer the same bathroom that our grandparents had. A bathroom is another room in the home where you can personalize it through artistic expressions matched with technology. Bathroom remodels are among the most common of home renovations and can bring a great return on your investment. If you are envisioning a modern, luxurious and spa-like feel for your bathroom, there are many selections to consider.

Get Expressive with Tile

By using tile in your bathroom design, you can achieve a high-end look. Tile is water-resistant and also adds value to your home for those who are considering selling. Project Build Construction & Interiors can provide you with ideas for custom tile work to be added to your luxurious bathroom design. Our expertise includes custom tiling for you floor, walls, shower, or tub surround. Unique patterns, colors, and shades can be customized to the tile in your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Glass Door

Adding a frameless shower glass door can really bring a luxurious feel to the design of your bathroom. They allow for both a natural and artificial flow of light to help improve visibility. Frameless shower doors can also help your space feel larger, as the glass allows you to see into the shower space.

Bench to the Shower

By adding a bench to your shower, homeowners can really enjoy their time for relaxation. Adding a bench can help homeowners achieve a spa-like experience in their design. This is also practical for aging-in-place.

Freestanding Bathtub

For homeowners with more spacious bathrooms, adding a freestanding bathtub and a separate shower stall gives the illusion of extra space. For those who love having a relaxing bath, a freestanding bathtub can help achieve the ambiance of a luxury spa-like bathroom.

Smart Toilet

Whether you live in a townhome or a palace, intelligent toilets are adaptable to a wide variety of bathroom styles. From angular and modern to smooth and rounded, smart toilets make for a statement piece that elevates the design of any bathroom. Features of smart toilets include peak flush performance, heated seat, night-light, hands-free opening/closing, a touchscreen remote, and automatic flush. Smart toilets also include emergency backup flushing in the event that the power goes out.


A wide array of choices are available to the homeowner now for your bathroom countertops. Solid products such as quartz and granite are very popular for their durability and beauty, offering a luxurious look. Easy to care for and come in variety of colors and patterns that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Quartz which is manmade has become the number one selling countertop lately. Quartz is an engineered product which combines ground natural stone combined with polymer and resins. Because it is engineered, the color, pattern, shading is more consistent, therefore easier to repair in the future. Quartz is non-porous and very low maintenance as it does not need to be resealed, therefore better than granite for its antibacterial benefit. Granite is preferred by others for its rich variations in color and variations. No two granite countertops will look exactly the same. It is also durable and hygienic but will require more maintenance as it needs to be resealed regularly.


Bathroom vanities with its jewelry (knobs and handles) come in different designs and features. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, it can be very simple using laminated modern, straight design, beach cottage look using different wood species and stains, wall mounted or floor mounted. Vanity sinks can be under-mount, top mount, or vessel types. Some are fabricated into the solid countertop for a clean, minimalist look.

Plumbing Fixtures

In establishing budget for your bathroom renovation, do not skimp on your plumbing fixtures which includes your faucet, tub faucet, shower head, hand spray, valves, etc. Even within known brands such as Kohler, Moen Delta, they have lines that are better constructed than what you can obtain at boxed stores. Be mindful that an inexpensive fixture will more than likely last a very short time and may even cause leaks that can cause damage to your home. Plumbing fixtures are used frequently daily so it is best to allocate for the cost of good fixtures. Our designers can help you choose your fixtures not only for aesthetics but for durability that can last for many years.

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