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How to Make a Small Bathroom Luxurious

If your bathroom is smaller and you feel like there’s not a lot of room to work with, no worries! There are tons of ways to make your small bathroom feel luxurious and bigger, such as decor, paints, and organizational ideas to elevate your bathroom. From decorations to sectioning your bathroom, the possibilities for maximizing your bathroom’s space are endless! In this article, we’ll detail small bathroom decor ideas so that you can make your bathroom feel brand-new, luxurious, and bigger.

small bathroom design

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Don’t let a small space stop you from making it the bathroom of your dreams! In today’s digital age, so many people post about design ideas, but where to start? Here are some small bathroom design ideas to fully optimize the space:

Add Mirrors

To make your bathroom feel bigger, you can start by adding more mirrors! Of course, people usually have a mirror above their sink. However, if you add more mirrors, especially opposite your main mirror, you can create a visual illusion that makes it seem like there’s more space in the bathroom. Besides adding mirrors, other amenities and decorations can also have mirrors to add to the illusion. Decor like mirror clocks or amenities such as mirrored cabinets or mirrored wall tiles can be used. These small bathroom decor ideas are a great way to maximize your space while also making it feel bigger and more luxurious! Including a mirror dedicated to makeup application will especially give your bathroom the hotel ambiance.

Choose Amenities that Fit

This might seem like a no-brainer, but choosing amenities that fit your space will maximize your space all while making it feel nice and cohesive. Trying to fit a fainting couch might not be the way to go if you’re trying to get the best out of your space. What you can do for your small bathroom is choose amenities that are a little smaller than usual. Amenities such as a smaller bathtub, a bird-bath sink, and wall hooks can make your space functional as well as aesthetically pleasing! Designs such as wrought-iron industrial designs often rely on smaller appliances that open up the space in bathrooms.

Use Higher and Longer Shower Curtains

Installing a higher shower curtain rod and using longer shower curtains is another way to make your small bathroom feel more luxurious. In these small bathroom design ideas, we emphasize that using longer shower curtains can elongate the feel of your bathroom by drawing attention to its vertical axis. To cut back on space usage even more, you can install ceiling tracks to help the curtains stay open when the shower isn’t in use. You can also coordinate the shower curtain color with the wall color to make the bathroom seem larger. An aesthetically cohesive space helps make it seem larger and more opulent.

Make Your Color Palette Small-Space Friendly

When you have a small bathroom, it’s best to use white or cream colors in your paint, appliances, and floors. If you’d like a splash of color, you can also use pastels! While dark colors may give a small bathroom a cave-like feel, lighter colors help open up the space. With your new light color pallets, you can choose a primary and second color to really help make your bathroom feel coordinated and professionally designed. Your primary color can be white or another cream color which can be for your walls, the main color in your tiles, and the color of the appliances. Your secondary color can be another lighter color, perhaps light blue or a cream color, which can be used in details such as a smaller number of tiles, bathroom linens, and cabinet knobs.

These are some small bathroom design ideas, so next, let’s look into small bathroom trends to help give your bathroom an updated look!

Small Bathroom Trends

You can already have an optimized bathroom, but how to make it look modernized? With these small bathroom decor ideas, you’ll be able to upgrade your bathroom to give it a brand-new aesthetic!

Use Naturals

To give your bathroom an organic feel, people are opting to use natural materials such as wood and living plants if they have a natural light source. You can choose a light wood to make the space feel larger, and having plants in the bathroom will make it feel cleaner. Different woods have better water resistivity, so some are preferred for bathroom designs.

Use Repurposed Flooring

Believe it or not, repurposed flooring is appearing in newly designed bathrooms! Materials such as bricks and terracotta are being installed into bathroom floors for a rustic and earthy look. Its new popularity might be due to its eco-friendliness. Bricks and terracotta are highly water-resistant and look even better over time and with use. You can choose lighter color terracotta and bricks to make your bathroom seem larger. For small bathroom trends, this is a great way to make your bathroom more down to earth, especially if you pair it with light greens as your accent colors.

Consider Maximalism

Maximalism has been making its way into the spotlight in the 2020s. Opposite of the well-known minimalist trends of the 2010s, maximalism calls to include many different patterns in your bathroom, even ones that seemingly clash with each other. However, if the same color scheme is used, different patterns, such as art deco-inspired tile and ornate floral wallpaper, seem to complement each other! Instead of choosing simpler walls and tiles to make the feel bathroom seem bigger, using maximalist designs helps draw attention away from the smallness of the bathroom. These maximalist designs help focus people’s attention on the detail and off the size of the room. To make the room feel bigger, you can choose lighter color maximalist designs!

These ideas are small bathroom trends to give your bathroom an updated look while making it feel larger. Besides small bathroom decor ideas, you can also renovate your small bathroom to physically make it bigger. Next, we’ll go through some modern small bathroom renovation ideas so you can go above and beyond the decor.

beachy bathroom

Modern Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you want your bathroom to be larger and feel more luxurious, you can always renovate it! The possibilities are endless when you renovate, and this gives you the time to really plan what you would like in a bathroom. Here are some modern small bathroom renovation ideas to inspire your next home improvement project:

Go Back to Basics

For a couple of years now, exposed materials have been regaining their popularity. If you have drywall in your bathroom and depending on the age of your residence, there might be original brick behind the drywall. You could reroute pipes and wiring with renovations so that you can have the exposed brick featured in your bathroom. Depending on how far out the drywall is from the brick, by taking it down you enlarge your bathroom. In this case, you will gain new room in your bathroom as well as making feel more organic and earthy. When the brick is paired with gold or silver hardware, this will help reflect light in your bathroom, giving it a modern feel.

Remove or Add Drywall

Even if you don’t have brick in your residence, knocking down non-foundational drywall can increase your bathroom’s square footage and give you more room. On the other hand, adding a wall can make your bathroom feel like it has different rooms within it!

Use the Corners

When renovating your bathroom, as a modern small bathroom idea, you can choose to add built-in shelving to the corners of your bathroom to fully maximize the space. By adding this kind of shelving, you are adding storage space while not taking up much usable space. If you have more corner storage and shelving, you are saving on the space that would’ve been taken up by cabinets or other forms of storage!

modern bathroom

With these small bathroom decor ideas, you have multiple options to help you make your small bathroom feel better and more luxurious. From simply changing decor or your color palette to knocking down unneeded drywall, there are so many ways to upgrade your bathroom! With a professional team of contractors such as Project Build Construction and Interiors, we can offer you expert advice on how best to utilize the space you have. With these ideas, you can save on space while giving your bathroom the fancy hotel feel.

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