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Plumber in Orange County, CA

Your expert Plumber in Orange County

Orange County Plumbing Services


Whether you're facing the challenge of unclogging some pipes or need someone to install a complete waste disposal system our professional team can tackle the challenge. It is important to hire a full-service contractor for you plumbing project because frequently the job may require the plumber to perform basic carpentry to get into a wall to access pipes. Our professional team can weld fittings together, if need be, and even install bathtubs, showers, toilets and water heaters. We will get your home flowing smoothly

Our plumbing services

The majority of the situations where we get calls are when people are faced with an inconvenience, like a broken water heater or an overflowing toilet. However, our professional team are trained to to a variety of other plumbing services.

Installing fixtures

As a full service general contractor we can actually install a variety of fixtures in your home. Do you need a new shower head, sink, bathtub, dishwasher, or water heater. We can install all of these fixtures, and more.

Leak repair

Leak repairs are one of the most calls we get for our plumbing services. We can source and fix a wide range of leaks and leaking pipes. whether you just need the leak patched or a whole new piping system installed we can handle it.

Drain cleaning

Our drain cleaning service is primarily performed on bathroom and kitchen sinks because they get the most use and are known to collect the most debris. We can unclog the drains, repair and clean the drain so it can function better than ever. We have all of the tools necessary to get rid of any grime.

Toilet Repair

For when a toilet can be salvaged and it doesn't need to be completely replaced we can repair it. Common problems are problems with flushing, overflows and clogging.

Garbage disposal repair

occasionally people drop a spoon into the garbage disposal without noticing and when they turn it on it breaks. Some common warning signs that your garbage disposal needs repair is if it jams up or it makes weird noises when on.

Water heater services

Some people like to take cold showers, but the majority of people love the convenience of hot water. We not only can fix your water heater, but we can source and install a new one for your home.

Sewer repair

Nobody wants to deal with the mess of a sewer problem. The fowl smells and slow draining can mean that you need to hire a plumber to take a look at your sewer lines. We can help.

plumbing review

I am very happy with the work that Project Build (formerly Calmar Floors and More) did to my house. I updated my 2 bathrooms and had them change my carpeted floors into wood look porcelain tiles. They were prompt, courteous and finished on schedule. their price is very competitive. I am pleased with the overall experience and will highly recommend them to anyone.

-Blake A. via Yelp

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