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Home Remodeling Nightmares to Avoid

Remodeling your home can be both an exciting and exhilarating project, especially when you have amazing ideas that you’ve put together from Pinterest or HGTV. However, it can also quickly turn into a nightmare if isn’t done properly. From exceeding the budget to dealing with unlicensed contractors, such nightmares can leave you with a home that is in worse shape than it was prior to the remodeling. To help you avoid this, we have put together a list of remodeling nightmares that you need to avoid for your home design project in Laguna Woods.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

One of the biggest nightmares you need to avoid is choosing the wrong contractor. When choosing a contractor, make sure to thoroughly research potential candidates and check for their license. Read through their reviews and ask for references. Choosing the cheapest contractor may save you money in the beginning but may lead to thousands of dollars in corrections down the road. Be sure to choose a licensed contractor.

Exceeding the Budget

Another nightmare that you need to avoid is exceeding your allocated budget. Before beginning your home remodeling project, make sure to set a realistic budget, while also factoring in unexpected expenses such as unforeseen repairs. Typically, we recommend setting aside 20-30% of the total expenses for cushion.

Lack of a Clear Plan

Strategizing and having a clear plan is important when it comes to remodeling your home. Without having a clear plan, you may end up with a nightmare of a home remodel. Our team will ensure that every phase of your home project will be executed with both precision and care.

Neglecting Safety Codes

This is perhaps the biggest nightmare that you must steer clear of. Failing to adhere to building codes is not only dangerous for you and your family but can also lead to legal problems down the road. Our team handles all the leg work for you, by pulling permits and ensuring your that your project adheres to building codes.

Rushing the Project

Remodeling your home is a big project and takes proper attention to detail and care. It is important to note that when it is done right, it takes time to complete. Rushing your home renovation project can lead to costly mistakes. Give your project plenty of time and don’t rush your contractors.

Choosing Cheap Materials

Being 100% price driven can also lead to a poorly remodeled home. It is important to stay within your budget but choose properly constructed and reliable materials that can last you a long time. There are reasonably priced materials that offer good quality. A good example are cheap faucets and other plumbing fixtures that will deteriorate quickly and lead to leaks and flooding. Consult with your designer or contractor who can guide you in choosing the right materials.

Poor Communication

Never assume. Make sure that everything is in writing and that all change or additional work orders are in writing. Voice your concerns immediately before the phase of the construction project is completed.

Acting as your Own General Contractor with No Experience

Homeowners think that they can save more money by hiring separate tradesmen and assuming the role of a General Contractor. Without experience, this can lead to a big nightmare. General Contractors handle all the logistics in order to get your project done smoothly. From plans to final inspection and everything in between such as material; procurement, scheduling, dealing with architects, engineers, and building inspectors. These are all daunting tasks that will overwhelm you if you have no experience. More-so, if you are to be the GC for your project you could also be responsible for paying all the insurances, taxes, and workman’s compensation for your hires. Doing a project without a GC will be very time consuming and if you do take off from work, it can lead to more loss of monies for yourself.

Your home is your biggest investment, and you want the remodel to be what you are hoping for and dreaming about, so contact us today and we can help you turn your dream into reality.

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