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How do You Know if Your Contractors are Being Transparent?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

How to Know if Your Contractors are Being Transparent

Being transparent in the construction industry is imperative to satisfaction on both the client and contractor sides. However, not all contractors operate by being completely honest with their clients. Sometimes it’s simply an issue of a contractor not having a process to consolidate the many moving parts of a construction project. Sometimes it’s an issue of contractors having unethical practices and wanting to prevent the customer from knowing.

Honesty is the best way to build trust in a mutually beneficial relationship. When it comes to construction, the stakes are incredibly high. If construction companies take risks or cut corners, people’s safety is put in jeopardy.

Transparency between contractors and clients is the first step to completing a satisfactory project on all sides. There are many ways a contractor can keep their clients in the loop through all stages of the construction process. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common ways that contractors communicate with their clients and some red flags to be weary of when corresponding with your contractor.

What Does Being Transparent Mean for Contractors?

Transparency is honesty and openness in a business exchange, especially when it comes to long-term projects. This means the sharing of information from one party to another whether the news is good or bad. It also means keeping lines of communication as open as possible throughout the entire process.

Transparency on projects is largely an ethical practice. Of course, no one wants to work with an unethical business, so you have to know the signs to look out for when working with a company. Taking time to make sure that a client’s needs are being met and that they are aware of the decision processes being made on-site is imperative. But how exactly does that manifest in your relationship with your contractor? In the next section, we’ll go over what to look for when searching for a construction company and what practices you’ll want to veer away from.

The Difference Between Transparent and Unethical Contractors

Finding a contractor that is transparent about their motivations and desires for your project begins with the first conversation about your proposal. Investing in a construction project, whether it’s commercial or residential, is a huge commitment. Not only are you committing your own resources, but you’re also committing your time to these people.

Good contractors know that the success of your project depends largely on them and want to keep you updated in all stages of the process. You are essentially putting all of your chips in one basket. Ethical companies will be transparent with you in order to show that they are capable of taking charge of all aspects of the construction process. Being transparent shows you, as the client, that they know the scope, schedule, and budget of the entire project. This demonstrates that a contractor is able to take charge and, if necessary, responsibility.

Home Construction Companies and Transparency

contractors working

The biggest reason that transparency is expected and appreciated in construction projects is that it allows the client to know exactly the quality of work and materials they are paying for. If a client doesn’t know what is happening on-site and behind the scenes when it comes to construction, then they don’t have a voice.

Unethical companies will try to shut down communication in order to hide their motivations and work progress. Any construction company should be able to come to their clients with updates on their projects in order to create a collaborative environment. This ensures that clients get what they ask for and the contractor does quality work.

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily have an unethical company on your hands, but there are so few tools available to a company that can paint a broad picture out of the minute details within one project, especially if the project is large in scope. While their motivations might be in the right place, these companies lack the ambition to go above and beyond for their clients in terms of communication, which doesn’t bode well for what they are trying to do on the construction site.

Benefits of Transparency in Construction

There are plenty of benefits to having an open and honest channel of communication between contractors and clients when it comes to construction projects. There are plenty of positive benefits that completely outweigh the negative when it comes to transparency in this industry, including:

  • Less risk on a project

  • More safety on job sites

  • More accountability

  • Higher quality outcomes

  • Better decision-making processes

  • Improved trust

  • More efficiency on the project as a whole

Not only will transparency get you to the end product faster, but it will also create a better-quality end product, which is in the best interest of everyone involved. Not only will a contractor benefit from this relationship moving forward with new projects, but they will also have a great quality end product to embellish their portfolio with.

Local Construction Companies

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