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How to Convert Your Home to an Open Floor Plan

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Having a more open floor arrangement in your home is a design trend showing no signs of abating soon. If your home was built in a period style, it may have a warren of separate rooms. An abundance of separate rooms and walled-in spaces often isn’t very conducive to modern living. Many property owners are now considering how to adapt their own homes to suit the increasing desire for large, airy, and light spaces. When done through the right home remodeler, your home can have a beautiful update and enhance your lifestyle. In this article, we’ll discuss how to convert your home to an open floor plan and some popular open floor plan ideas today.

Open Floor Plan Homes

There are many reasons why homeowners are increasingly considering how to adapt and remodel their current living areas to enjoy a more open-concept house. With the right remodeling for your unique spaces, your home can have a gorgeous update and feel like new again. To enjoy a more personalized, open-concept space, it takes careful consideration of the current layout and the history of the location. Older homes often have degrees of character and history that are hard to replace or recreate once removed. Deciding how to change up your house can be difficult without a qualified remodeler to help you with ideas and knowledgeable suggestions.

By definition, an open floor plan includes any home layout that has no partitioning wall between the living room and dining room, between the areas of the dining room and kitchen, or between all three of these room types. In older houses, a living room, parlor, den, kitchen, dining room, and any breakfast nook or butler’s pantry remain traditionally separate with interior walls. However, many people can feel crowded by these walls or believe them unsightly. An open floor plan can provide many benefits, including bringing family and friends closer together, incorporating or eliminating underused areas, and giving the impression of more area space.

Open Floor Plan Ideas

open floor plan

Before you officially begin your renovations, you’ll want to first evaluate your home’s layout with a local building professional. While it may seem that some of your interior walls are unnecessary, many walls can contain amounts of wiring, plumbing, and load-bearing features. You’ll want to be aware of these features so that you don’t accidentally do irreparable damage to your home and its property value as a result. Once you’ve learned which structures you may remove and which you’ll need to work around to achieve your ideal remodel, you can determine which walls you’d like to remain present for security, division, and personal spaces.

With vast knowledge and experience, a renovator can give you some fantastic ideas to open up your available rooms. To keep your home functional and stylish, be sure of individual zones for activities, including which areas you’d like for dining, cooking, working, and relaxation. Some of the most popular open floor plan ideas right now include dividing spaces with an area rug, repeating an element in your sections, applying a cohesive color scheme, designing layouts for optimal flow, and involving floors and ceilings in the plan. You can also decorate with multi-function pieces, add a room divider for flexible privacy, and open up your entryway.

Divide With a Rug

When arranging your furniture away from various walls for an open floor plan, you still want some level of separation between different areas of activity. A sizeable area rug can separate spaces visually, allowing you to enjoy an open plan while maintaining levels of distinction throughout your home.

Repeat a Chosen Element

In creating a more cohesive space, consider repeating an element of your choice throughout different spaces. There are always trending elements that people favor, such as metal, wood, velvet, prints, or period pieces. By having a consistent, repeated element in each of your spaces, you can tie in present furniture pieces and maintain the appearance of connectedness.

Continue a Color Scheme

A continued color scheme throughout can provide your open-concept house with a sense of unity. Some popular color choices include gray-green, citron, deep aubergine, and chartreuse. Other colors that continue to be widely popular for interior design include light gray, schoolhouse white, and other tranquil neutrals that complement warm and deep tones elsewhere.

Design for Optimal Flow

open floor kitchen

The greatest focus to achieving a beautiful open floor plan is optimal flow. You want your spaces to have adequate flow and access for guests and activity so that your home remains functional and stylish. Maintain regular walkways between rooms and their focal pieces to give higher utility.

Involve Floors and Ceilings

In maintaining optimal flow and cohesion, make sure to consider your floors and ceilings in your renovation plans. Floors and ceilings should ideally match the rest of your furniture and decorations throughout your open floor plan and not disrupt the flow from space to space.

Decorate With Multi-Function Pieces

A means to get creative with your open concept house is with multi-function furnishings. Decorating connected areas such as your living room and kitchen with a fireplace can add practicality and style.

Add a Room Divider

If you’re interested in options for temporarily dividing spaces, look no further than moveable room dividers. You can get creative with your dividers for style and taste, enjoying enhanced privacy only when you want it.

Open Up Your Entryway

Open doorways and entryways continue to be widely popular for style and visual appeal. You can set the scene in your open-concept house by widening the space of your main entryway or the different entryways in your house. Having a wide entrance to the living room and dining room, for example, gives an immediate feeling of flow to an open floor plan home.

Converting Your Home to an Open Floor Plan

There are many reasons why people are converting homes to open floor plans. To start converting your home into a beautiful open concept today, connect with Project Build.

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