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Is it Time for an Office Remodel?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When Should You Consider an Office Remodel

When should you consider an office remodel? There are many reasons to remodel your office. Perhaps it is outdated. Maybe the old design is getting in the way of productivity, or maybe you just don’t like it. It can be any reason under the sun and then some. In this article, you will learn about when you should consider an office remodel, how to create a modern office space, and how office remodels and office renovations work.

Modern Office Space

One of the biggest reasons people consider remodeling an office space is to bring it into the modern age. Just as fashion taste changes, so too does interior design and architecture. What was popular in the ’20s was no longer popular in the ’60s, what was popular in the ’60s wasn’t popular in the ’80s, and what was popular in the ‘80s is way out of fashion now.

Out-of-date office space not only makes the space look old, but it also might look ugly to you and your employees. This might not seem like a big deal, but your office layout says a lot about your business’s professional attitude. If you don’t care what your office looks like, it might give the impression that you do not care in general. While it is not preferred to judge things off of appearance, it is just a fact of life that many people do.

Modern office space can also inspire creativity and productivity. If your employees are comfortable, they will be more likely to work harder. Employees will spend many hours in the office. If they have something nice and in fashion to look at, they will bore less often and get more work done.

Office Layout

Just as important as the aesthetics of your office, is the functionality of the design. Another answer to the question, “when should you consider an office remodel?” is that you should consider an office remodel when the space no longer works for what it is needed for. The space should work for you and your employees. They should not need to work hard to get the space to work for them.

Perhaps your business requires employees to collaborate often. If everyone is holed away in their own, walled spaces, they will keep to themselves more often. An open space floor plan might spur conversation. A dedicated break section might encourage friendships to form.

Tell a Story

When should you consider an office remodel? You should consider one when your space no longer reflects your brand identity and mission. Perhaps you are a brand dedicated to sustainability, but your current office looks too industrial. An industrial feel tells the opposite story you are going for.

Perhaps you are a serious law firm. If your office is filled with bright colors and floral wallpaper, you won’t give off the vibe you want when you meet with clients.

The way you remodel your office will set the tone for every meeting that takes place within its walls. Start by giving the right impression. If your office does not do that already, that is what you should consider an office remodel.

Office Remodels

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How Do the Office Remodels Fit in Your Broader Marketing Plan?

Sit down and do some brainstorming. The way you decorate your office is a part of your marketing. If you have a comprehensive marketing plan in place, you should already know your target customer, what they want, what they need, and maybe even what they think. Your office space should align with that. If you have not already done this marketing work, consider completing it before remodeling your space.

What Do You Need to Spend on this Office Remodel?

Consider your budget. Although it would be nice to design your dream office and spare no expense, that is not the reality of most businesses. Will you have enough money to achieve your desired effect? Will you need to put off the remodel for a little while to save money? Will you need to put off other projects as you pay for the remodel? Can you afford to close your business as it is being remodeled? All of these questions should be answered before committing to a remodel.

Is Your Design Timeless?

Think about the future. You do not want your office to be the product of a fad or trend. You want your design to last a while so you do not need to pay for another renovation any time soon.

You should also consider how your business will expand in the future. Multipurpose spaces are a great way to keep your options open as your business expands.

Communication Is Key

Make sure your employees and customers are aware of what is happening. They need to know when and if the office will be closed, how and where they will conduct work or meetings, and why the renovation is necessary. It is a good idea to allow your employees and customers to contact a person who can answer any questions or concerns.

Office Renovation

An important part of the office renovation process is finding a remodeling contractor. You want to find one who shares your vision. They should understand what is wrong with your current space and how to fix it. You need to feel like you can trust the team to do an excellent job. Review their portfolios. Office renovation is an art. Contractors might have a style all their own. If it does not mesh with your vision, move on to another contractor. Check reviews and seek out referrals from people in your industry. The right contractor, architect, or designer will make all the difference.

If you are seeking a reputable, talented, and customer-focused team to remodel your office, consider Project Build. Our team of experts will work with you to design an office space to fit all your needs. If you are interested in an office remodel, please reach out to Project build with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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