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On the Radar: Home Design Trends for this Year

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

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There are directions and certain shifts that will be on trend for 2022 that will inspire many of us to transform our spaces. Organic materials such as terracotta that mimic the natural environment has followed us into the new year. With an ongoing pandemic and cooler weather, many of us will spend more time inside of our homes, making us crave more connection to Mother Earth.

People will begin to experiment with colors in their homes again, placing neutral tones in the backseat. Although many will play with more colors, the color palette for 2022 will remain close to neutral tones. Colors such as rose will be a force to reckon with in the home design industry. Rosey terracotta tones will bring warmth and a sense of coziness to the design of your space. Velvet furniture pieces in similar tones will really amplify comfort in your home design.

A revival of natural surfaces such as stone, wood, and travertine will continue to be used for backsplashes, furniture, and decorative pieces. Use of natural surfaces will help the design of your space to feel more grounded and connected with nature. The imperfect nature of natural materials will add visual intrigue and depth to your design.

Prints will also find their way into the design industry this year. A maximalist approach infused with print and pattern will come into the mix. Printed furniture pieces, wallpaper, and rugs will elevate the design of your space.

A mix of period elements have also made a comeback this year. A blend of different genres and design elements of different time periods will bring a stylish mashup to the design industry. This can allow for homeowners to implement their own personality and aesthetic to their home.

Despite colors and patterns dominating the home design industry this year, neutral loving homeowners have no need to fret. Neutrals will be here to stay. These tones will remain but will implement patterns and textures to mimic the natural environment. Beautiful woods, rattans, and textured neutrals will amplify a state of calm and balance within the home. Beautiful accessory pieces such as a shearling accent chair, a travertine coffee table, and stoneware vases will bring a natural aesthetic to the design of your space.

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