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Top 15 Calming Colors to Paint Your Home

Do you want to know the top 15 calming colors to paint your home? Home is where you are meant to relax and unwind from a hard day’s work. Don’t let the wrong color choice ruin your mood. Color is powerful. The wall colors you choose can impact how large your space feels. It can make you feel angry, uneasy, energized, and more. With the right colors, you can feel calm. In this article, you will learn about the top 15 calming colors to paint your home.

Wall Colors

Before we explore the top 15 calming colors to paint your home, let’s discuss why your wall colors can have such a profound effect on your mood. Most cultures associate colors with symbolic meaning and not all of the meanings are positive. For example, in the west, red is associated with passion, love, and warning. Green is associated with nature and toxins. Yellow is associated with joy, hope, and fear. These cultural associations are part of how color drives mood. When you see a color, these ingrained associations are brought to mind and inch you toward the feeling.

When you choose a wall color, you pick the mood you want to feel. This effect is why it is so important to take your time choosing a color. If you want to feel calm in your own home, you need to know the top 15 calming colors to paint your home.

Calming Colors

What makes for a calming color? Light colors are generally the way to go. Dark colors can make rooms feel smaller, more cramped, and anxiety-inducing. Lighter tones open up a room, allowing you to feel freer. Here are the top 15 calming colors to paint your home.


This light purple shade is perfect for relaxation. Named for the flower of the same color, lavender brings forth ideas of the fresh-scented flower and the nature it resides in.


Turquoise brings to mind the sea. It makes you feel like you are sitting on a beach, breathing in the salty ocean air. Turquoise brings to mind relaxation and calm. Turquoise is a shade of blue, the most popular color in the world. That is why it is one of the top 15 calming colors to paint your home.


Sage is a light green color. It gives off feelings of nature and fresh garden herbs. Many people find relaxation in sowing seeds and reaping fruits and vegetables. By painting your home sage green, you can see the calming benefits without getting your hands dirty.


Teal is the perfect balance of green and blue, two of the most calming colors. It has the natural liveliness of green, balanced with the regalness of blue.

Dusty Yellow

Yellow is generally a lively color that fills the viewer with energy. If you get the right shade, it can also calm you down. A light, dusty yellow can remind you of lying down in a field of flowers. This is the reason dusty yellow is in the top 15 calming colors to paint your home.


Although most shades of gray might bring forth ideas of Halloween rather than relaxation, gray is a calming color. It is a neutral, unassuming color. It is a sophisticated color. Gray is like reading a good book on a stormy night. You are sure to get a good night’s rest in a gray bedroom.


Few things are more tranquil than white. Although boring at first glance, white is powerful. As the lightest color, it can open a room wider than most other colors. You can relax in a white room like you are on a cloud. It is one of the top 15 calming colors for a reason.


Blue-gray combines the power of blues and grays for a calming experience. It is truly one of the top 15 calming colors.


A blush pink brings forth ideas of a loved one’s lips. It is reminiscent of the small moments of love.


Mauve is a light blue-purple color. Light purple shades are known for their tranquility. Paired with blue, it is the perfect combination for a calm night.


If true white is too much for you, an off-white color might be perfect. Consider white with a tinge of purple, pink, or yellow.

Deep Blue

While every other color on this list verges on the lighter end of the color spectrum, a deep blue can be just as much a relaxing color as the rest. A deep blue brings to mind a steady ocean, rocking a sailor to sleep


Tan is an inviting color. Tan brings to mind casual gatherings with friends who truly know you and are among the easiest to get along with.

Sky Blue

When you go outside and look up, you will find this color. Sky blue is like flying in your dreams. It is effortless and beautiful. That is why sky blue is one of the top 15 colors.

Rustic Red

The last of the 15 colors is rustic red. It seems counterintuitive to put red on the top 15 calming colors to paint your home list, but if you choose the right shade of red, such as rustic red, you can have as calming a home as anyone else.

Relaxing Colors

Relaxing colors can make your home feel cozy, but what do you do when you don’t know what color to pick? Consider hiring a contractor and remodeler. Project Build is a top-rated general contractor, remodeler, and certified age-in-place specialist ready to help you design your dream home. We are passionate and dedicated to our customers. We always deliver high-quality results and we are only improving as we ensure results. If you want relaxing colors, Project Build will find you the most relaxing colors to make you feel calm in every room of your house. Project Build can make it happen today.

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