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Aliso Viejo bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel in Aliso Viejo, CA

The #1 Bathroom Renovation Team in Also Viejo

Complete Bathroom Remodel in Aliso Viejo, CA


Originally this Aliso Viejo bathroom was completely white with very little accent pieces. The owner of the bathroom wanted to create a space with a more modern design. We decided to go with a silver color theme with a white accent so that we could keep some of the existing white.


For this bathroom renovation, we completely re-did the tiling and replaced it with large silver tiles and constructed two embedded shelves. Next, we swapped the flooring with a tile that matched the new shower tiling. Lastly, we replaced the vanity countertop with a silver piece that complimented the new color scheme of the bathroom.


The owner was very satisfied with the reults of the bathroom remodel.

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