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bathroom remodel in Costa Mesa

Bathroom Remodel in Costa Mesa, CA

We are the bathroom renovation pros in Costa Mesa

Remodel of KBRT Radio's Bathroom in Costa Mesa


Grateful to be able to help KBRT RADIO (A Christian Radio Station in Costa Mesa) remodel their restrooms.


Everything there is still from the original build-out which is 2 decades ago. My goal is to give them a fresh updated look and make the restrooms brighter.

We removed the existing wall paper on the walls, the 1x1 sheet tiles, all the plumbing fixtures (toilet, urinals, sinks faucets),the laminated countertops and partitions. This time I opted to use 12x24 tiles with 1/8:" grout to give an illusion of more space for both floor and wall tiles. We replaced the countertops using easy to maintain prefabricated quartz and used under-mount sinks to avoid constant recaulking and discoloration. We replaced the light fixture with recessed LED pure white lights on each stall and contemporary vanity lighting. Walls have been re-textured.

It is always a pleasure for me to bring in the customers as a part of the team especially in the selection of finish materials. I want them to make it as personal as possible and enjoy the transformation for many, many years to come.

Here are the materials we used to transform the restrooms:

  • Tiles: Sande Grey, Realm II, Construct Blue Voltage, and Sandstorm Sahara

  • Trim: Schluter Brushed Nickel

  • Partitions: Black Laminate for Men’s, Platinum Laminate for Women’s

  • Countertop: Bianco Swan Prefabricated Quartz

  • Paint: Behr Solemn Silence and Polar Bear for the Walls, White for the Ceiling

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