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drywall reframing in costa mesa

Kitchen Remodel in Costa Mesa, CA

Your Kitchen Remodeling Pros in Costa Mesa, CA

Complete Kitchen Demo and Remodel in Costa Mesa

Project Summary


The kitchen in this Costa Mesa home was outdated in both design and structural integrity. After doing a walkthrough of the kitchen we realized that the cabinetry was going to have to be replaced because of damage.


The owners of the kitchen wanted a more modern look at an affordable price. We started by taking out the old laminate flooring, that was marred and torn, and replaced it with a more durable option that would suit their needs for the kitchen. Next, we moved onto demolishing the old cabinetry and countertops and prepping the area for the new appliances and counters. In addition to taking out the old cabinetry, we also took out the wall separating the living room from the kitchen and created a bar. 


Now that everything was demolished we proceeded to install the new flooring, cabinets, countertops, and bar. With the wall that was separating the kitchen and living room out, the space was more open and bright.


After everything was installed back into this Costa Mesa Kitchen the owners were more than happy that we completed the project within their budget. We successfully created a modern design that matched the rest of the home without going overboard. In this kitchen remodel the goal was to keep it simple without having it look cheap.


For this project we installed:

  1. Flooring

  2. Cabinets

  3. Countertops

  4. Appliances: Fridge, Dishwasher, Microwave

  5. Took out the wall and replaced with bar counter

If you need a professional contractor to transform your kitchen please don't hesitate to contact us!


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