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What is the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Are you looking to update your kitchen to increase your property value as you get ready to sell your house? Or perhaps you’re just looking to make it seem brand-new for your family? Kitchen remodeling is a great way to increase your home’s value as well as make it feel elevated. With recently increased kitchen remodeling costs, the average kitchen remodel cost is between about $15,000 to $40,000. This cost range is particularly large, so in this article, we’ll go into detail about what projects may be more or less expensive as well as remodeling ideas to fit a budget so that you can get to enjoying your dream kitchen as soon as possible!

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Kitchen Remodeling

Of course, the cost of your kitchen remodeling depends on a number of factors such as the size of your kitchen and the extent of the project. Changing the cabinets will be less expensive than completely redoing the space. The average kitchen remodel cost is about $26,000, but this includes simple remodeling to huge renovations.

In conjunction with buying appliances and other materials, if you choose to hire a professional team of contractors, you are also investing in their time, work, and expertise, which is crucial in making the finished product look professional and cohesive. They will be able to offer their expert opinion on how to maximize the space while fitting the aesthetic of the rest of your home. They can recommend materials and layouts. Investing in professional contracting will help increase your return on your investment, especially if you’re looking to move soon after the renovation is completed.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to say smaller projects cost less and larger projects cost more, so what exactly goes into kitchen remodeling costs along with your contractors’ prices? With an average kitchen remodel cost, what do you get for your buck?

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

In kitchen remodeling, there are so many different projects you can do to upgrade your kitchen, and each comes with its own price tag. As you renovate your kitchen, you might find water damage or things not up to code that will need fixing, which also adds to your cost. You’ll want to love your new kitchen, so here are some kitchen remodeling ideas along with their approximate costs:

Smaller-sized Projects

Smaller-sized kitchen remodeling projects can include repainting the walls, adding one or two new appliances, or redoing the cabinet faces. New flooring can also be installed during smaller projects. The price depends on if you choose to DIY or go with a professional and if you do multiple of these projects at a time, but the average kitchen remodel cost for these kinds of projects is about $24,000.

Medium-sized Projects

Medium-sized projects include the installation of new countertops, multiple new appliances, and smaller but new cabinetry. New lighting can also be added to the kitchen to make the room seem even more different. These projects typically involve professional contractors and we start to see a greater cost. The kitchen remodeling costs for these projects are approximately $69,000, depending on what you chose to have done for your kitchen.

Larger-sized Projects

Larger-sized projects are of course much more involved and include more of a transformation of your kitchen. These projects can include the installation of smart appliances, larger cabinetry and built-in storage, and more luxurious accents. The kitchen remodeling costs of these types of projects are an average of $136,000.

This is a breakdown of what each sized kitchen remodeling project typically costs on average. Although the smaller-sized projects average around $24,000, there are ways to lower your kitchen remodeling cost so that you can get your dream kitchen while on a budget!

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Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

You can still effectively renovate your kitchen when you’re on a budget. With the average kitchen remodeling cost being around $26,000, this price may be a little intimidating. However, there are great ways to save and still get a kitchen that feels new and upgraded!

Use Repurposed Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets usually cost the most out of a kitchen remodeling budget, so focusing on lowering your costs for your cabinets may be the best for your budget. Getting totally new cabinets can cost a lot, so consider finding used cabinets and spruce them up a bit! They’ll be new to you and you can always paint them to make them seem even more brand-new. You can also repaint or reface your current cabinets, as well as pair them with new knobs. In this case, you’ll avoid the headache of completely tearing them out and getting pricey new ones! However, if you do want new cabinets, consider lower-cost materials such as particle board or veneer cabinets.

Find a Bargain

If you’re waiting to find new appliances, you can try to wait for when they’re on sale, or find appliances that are already on sale. Be sure to look for discount codes at the store as well. Floor model appliances are also often discounted and still work as great as boxed ones. Finding a bargain is an easy and effective way of redoing your kitchen while on a budget.

Another way to work within your budget is to sell your existing appliances and amenities. With the popularity of online community marketplaces rising, you can sell your current cabinets and appliances as long as they’re in good condition. When you sell your current amenities, you’re lowering the overall out-of-pocket cost of your kitchen renovation, and soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your new kitchen!

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Enjoying Your New Kitchen

Once your kitchen renovation is completed, you can get to enjoy it! After upgrading the space and the appliances, perhaps you’ll be inspired to try new recipes you’ve been bookmarking or you’ll want to host more parties. Beyond these examples, remodeling your kitchen also helps to increase your property value. Home buyers prefer to bid on a home that is more updated, so consider remodeling your kitchen especially if you plan on selling your house!

Regardless of the scale of your kitchen renovations, either fresh paint and other change in interior design or a full revamp, the average kitchen remodel cost varies on a number of factors such as the size of your kitchen, what you have installed, and the quality of the materials you use. Any kitchen project is exciting and a great way to make your kitchen feel updated and luxurious. From splurging on your new kitchen to finding ways to renovate on a budget, there are so many possibilities as to what you can do for your kitchen!

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