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How to Design a Modern Kitchen

Does your Laguna Woods kitchen need a proper redesign? The kitchen is a huge part of your home and a room you use every day. So, it’s important that it’s both functional and comfortable to use. It’s a place where you not only cook and eat but also where the family spends time together. You want to be able to enjoy company, while also utilizing the space to its fullest potential. Maybe you’re a fan of the sleek, contemporary design that a modern kitchen boasts. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to design a modern kitchen in your home renovation.

What Is a Contemporary Kitchen Design?

If you’re not familiar with the characteristics of modern or contemporary kitchens, we’ve got you covered. Modern kitchens are one of the most popular styles of kitchen designs today and for good reason. They retain a liveable quality, while also boasting minimalist aesthetics. A contemporary kitchen is essentially what most people want their kitchen to be–clean, without clutter, and stylish. There’s a huge emphasis on simplicity when it comes to a modern kitchen. This means that anything unnecessary can be done away with, and these kinds of kitchens utilize space to the highest degree. A hallmark of modern kitchens is that they look almost excessively clean and tidy.

Typically, contemporary kitchens use a variety of different patterns, materials, and textures. Since you lose a lot of character when it comes to details and decorations, these contrasts make up for it. These types of kitchens typically feature a lot of white. If you do a quick search of contemporary kitchens, you’ll see a lot of white countertops, as well as cabinets and chairs. So, for a dash of color, many designers will add patterned or textured backsplashes. Many modern kitchens also utilize dark wooden cabinets and subtle pops of color.

Benefits of Simple Kitchen Design

Another hallmark of the modern kitchen is stainless steel appliances. A lot of the time, you’ll see big smart refrigerators and other sleek appliances in these types of kitchens. These stainless steel pieces of equipment provide a simple kitchen design that really shines and pops against the clean lines of your typical contemporary kitchen. You’ll also find full-panel or slab-style cabinets in a lot of modern kitchens. These cabinets for a simple kitchen design create a smooth look to your storage spaces, helping them blend with the clutter-free environment.

And one of the biggest features of a modern kitchen is, of course, an island. Kitchen islands are incredibly important for modern kitchen design because of how useful they are. With an island, you get more cabinet space, which means more space for storage. Having more space for storage allows you to keep unnecessary items hidden from plain sight. Less clutter and more functionality is the entire ethos of designing a modern kitchen. Plus, many islands allow room for seats. This allows you to spend time with the family or entertain guests as you cook. Modern kitchens are often the heart of the home.

The benefits of having a simple kitchen cannot be overstated. If you have a relatively small area for a kitchen, creating a minimalist aesthetic is the way to go. By keeping the area orderly and void of excess decor, the space opens up. Minimalism creates the illusion of a bigger space and also allows more light to flow through. This is especially true if the predominant color featured in your contemporary kitchen is white. Having a simple kitchen gives your home a seamless look and feel.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your Kitchen Redesign

When considering how to design a modern kitchen, you can get a lot of modern kitchen ideas with just an online search. But people don’t realize you can actually do a lot with a minimalist kitchen in mind. When generating ideas, you’ll want to keep comfort, functionality, and entertainment at the forefront of your mind.

Light Fixtures

Lighting is an essential part of modern kitchen design. With this style, the conventional aspects of a kitchen are often written over for simplicity’s sake. That doesn’t mean that contemporary kitchens lack detail. If anything, the opposite is true. Since the space must remain relatively open and plain, the details become more important. For instance, modern kitchen ideas for light fixtures tend to be more unique in order to draw the eye.

Open Shelving

You might be thinking that open shelving could easily begin to look cluttered. Of course, if you put too many items in one space, this could be the case. However, open shelving paired with the right items, like dishware, can accent a kitchen beautifully, although you do have to be diligent to keep everything in its proper place.

Think Outside the Box

You might find that the decor outside of or adjacent to the actual kitchen space is more utilized in modern kitchens. For instance, some kitchens feature marble walls all the way up to the ceiling. Similarly, another design option is a brick accent wall. And many contemporary kitchens feature beamed ceilings.

Design Your Laguna Woods Kitchen With Us Today!

At Project Build, we are dedicated to taking your dream kitchen and turning it into reality. We are a team of committed experts in our field that value what a good design can do for a home. We like to maintain close contact with our customers in order to better understand their needs. This helps us get the job done with accuracy and efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about home renovation trends and news, take a look at our other blog posts. If you’re ready to get started on your Laguna Woods kitchen project, take a look at the services listed on our website. We look forward to taking your dream kitchen and turning it from fantasy into reality.

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