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Irvine bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel in Irvine, CA

Bathroom renovation experts in Irvine, CA

New Shower and Vanity in this Irvine Bathroom


The goal of this Bathroom Remodel in the Irvine home was to change the old white tiling and theme to a light tan color scheme. We swapped out the small white tiling with larger tan tiling in the shower and kept the rest of the shower the same. 


Next, we moved onto the vanity counter where we replaced the entire white vanity with a new one with dark cabinets, a counter to match the new shower tiles and a more elegant sink. To top of  the space we added some accent design pieces on either end of the counter to compliment the new theme of the bathroom.


The owners were very happy with how these simple changes helped rejuvenate the look of their bathroom.

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