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laguna bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel in Laguna, CA

The Laguna Beach Bathroom Renovation experts

Complete Remodel of This Laguna Bathroom


This bathroom remodel was perhaps one of our most favorite projects to complete because the owners wanted a completely new look for their bathroom. We were able to renovate the space completely, except for the toilet, sinks, and shower.


The first thing we wanted to include in the bathroom was a divider between the toilet and counter. Creating a divider helped make the bathroom more cleanly.


We changed the light paint to a darker theme, swapped out the old cabinet doors and countertop with updated darker pieces and lastly changed the fixtures. We decided to take out the generic full-size mirror with two designer mirrors, which complimented the new look nicely. 


The sliding shower door was replaced with a grand curtain to match the accents of the bathroom.


The owners were very happy with the end result of the renovations. If you need any help with your bathroom remodel please don't hesitate to request a quote at the top of the page.

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