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Home Office Ideas for the Work-From-Home Era

Do you need some home office ideas for the work-from-home era? The pandemic brought very few positives in its wake. One of the few for many workers was the work-from-home option. Workers could now work from anywhere they liked. Many worked from home offices, but many lacked an office space as their time at work was spent physically at work before the pandemic. Many did not have time to create a designated office area. Some worked from kitchen tables, living room couches, and more. Children and pets ran around in the background of meetings. They shouted and barked, interrupting workers’ time. While it was nice to be home more, the lack of separation between home life and work life was troubling. Home offices became essential for the proper separation of home and work time.

If you're a working professional looking to renovate an existing office or looking to redesign another room into an office, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn some home office ideas for the work-from-home era, home office remodeling tips, and some cool home office ideas to implement into your renovation plan.

Home Office Remodeling

A good home office remodel starts with a plan. It is a good idea to look at inspirational pictures. Find a group of pictures you feel drawn to. See if they have anything in common. Are they the same style, color scheme, or something else? Odds are they will have something in common. Identify what you like in each picture. Identify what you dislike in each picture. This will be information you can use to pick out the design elements in your home office.

While drawing inspiration from trending home office remodeling projects is a great idea, do not rely on it. You need to be sure you like the design because you like it, not because it is trendy. If you choose a design purely because it is trendy, you could end up hating it in a year when it is no longer trendy.

Now that you have an idea of what you want your home office to look like, decide on a budget. It can be easy to spend too much money when you are not careful. A good budget will keep you from spending more than you can afford. If you need to go over budget, consider if it will be worth it. The home office ideas for the work-from-home era will awaken your creativity and you will be tempted to create something that may not be feasible. Before you get your heart set on something unattainable, make sure you have your budget set.

Work-From-Home Office Set-up

Your work-from-home office set-up should reflect your personality. Combine elements to create a comfortable work area that you will enjoy for years to come. Here are some home office ideas for the work-from-home era that can make your work-from-home office setup your own.

Lounge Style

A lounge-style office is versatile. Combine traditional office seating with comfortable seating for maximized versatility. If you like to move around while you work, a lounge-style office might work for you.

Bedroom Office

While this setup will not separate you from your home life, it is a nice way to give yourself some privacy. A bedroom office is a great option for workers lacking an extra room. You can set up a nice desk and a comfortable chair right in your bedroom. A bedroom offers just as much privacy as an office might. All you need to do is shut your door and ask your family not to disturb you during the time you are working.

Big Windows

Work can be draining. Sometimes you walk into the office while the sun is rising and walk out when it's set. You never see a full day of sunshine. The work-from-home era has allowed many workers to see more hours of daylight. Set up your home office in front of the largest windows in your home. If you are renovating, consider installing big windows. You will feel happier and more productive, the more sunlight you receive, This is one of the home office ideas for the work-from-home era that will make you grateful for your personalized home office.

Mixed Materials

Although you will want your home office remodeling design to feel cohesive, that does not mean everything needs to match. A great way to bring a hint of personality into the space is to add texture. Using a variety of materials can bring an energy-inducing variety into the space. Use leather on chairs, a wood grain desk, glass and metal embellishments, and more. This home office idea for the work-from-home era is sure to make your space your own.

Cozy Nook

A cozy nook is another option for people lacking pace. You can place a small desk in any corner of any room. Living rooms are a perfect place for a cozy nook. Tuck yourself away and focus on work. If you need a break, all you need to do is turn around.


Minimalism reads clean and organized, two traits you will want to possess when you are working. Some say your space reflects your mood. If your office is filled with nick-nacks and gaudy decorations, your mind may be filled with unnecessary thoughts as well. Minimalism strives to eliminate unnecessary clutter. Home office ideas for the work-from-home era can do more than appease your sense of style; they can help your productivity.

Cool Home Office ideas

The work-from-home era has brought the need for a work-life balance to the forefront of the public’s mind. A good home office gives workers the space they need to keep work-life from overflowing into personal time. Hopefully, these home office ideas for the work-from-home era and cool home office ideas have sparked some creativity.

If you want to design the home office of your dreams, Project build can help. Our dedicated general contractors, remodelers, and certified age-in-place specialists will make sure you have a home office that stands the test of time. Visit our website or call us for a quote.

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