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Making Your Home Senior Ready

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Creating a Senior Ready Home

Aging at home can drastically affect the quality of life of senior citizens. But how can you keep seniors safe while staying at home? Many homes are filled with hidden hazards that make them unsafe for seniors. It’s very important for the health and comfort of seniors that their home is accessible.

As people age, seniors and their caretakers alike are met with difficult decisions. Many of these revolve around housing, as many homes are not designed to accommodate seniors. Often, caregivers and seniors feel like care facilities and retirement homes are their only options. While there are some benefits to these facilities, many seniors prefer to live in their own homes or with relatives.

Unfortunately, living at home still leaves many people with decisions involving how to make their homes safer. Since seniors are more prone to accidents involving slips and falls, homes should be accommodated appropriately. In this blog post, we’ll cover all of the ways to make your home senior ready. We’ll explain some of the most common obstacles to seniors and how to fix them. Home remodeling has many benefits, including its ability to make homes safer for seniors. Whether you’re a senior looking for your next home or a caregiver looking after a loved one, Project Build can help you stay happy and healthy at home.

Home Safety

marble bathroom sink

Keeping your home safe is a big part of senior care. As people age, their risk of falling increases dramatically. There are a few reasons why older adults are at a bigger risk of falls. When people get older, they lose a lot of muscle mass that is responsible for holding them up. Their balance and gait also become more unstable. Seniors are even more likely to have significant blood pressure drops when they stand. This can cause them to become dizzy or even faint after standing up too suddenly.

Combined with the fact that bones become more brittle with age, falls are a serious concern for seniors. When seniors fall, they can become seriously injured, breaking legs or hip bones. This is especially worrisome for seniors who live on their own.

Some seniors with mobility issues may have other worries besides falls. For some people, just navigating their homes is difficult. Losing mobility as you age can make climbing stairs difficult. It can also make moving around a cluttered or crowded home almost impossible. Many are forced to limit themselves to the areas they can access easily. Seniors should be able to enjoy all parts of their homes without having any spaces off limits due to mobility issues.

Aging Comfortably

Seniors deserve safe, accessible homes because they deserve to age comfortably. Seniors choosing to stay in their homes is called “aging in place”. Many prefer to age in place, as there are a lot of significant benefits. Aging in place allows seniors to retain independence in their own homes. It also allows them to remain socially active in many cases.

Most importantly, many seniors prefer aging in place because it's their home. Mood can decline rapidly when seniors are placed in cold, unfamiliar care facilities. Studies even show that mood can have a big impact on aging and health. Positive moods can prevent things like heart disease and high blood pressure. Keeping your home safe for seniors can have huge effects on their health and mood. Remodeling your home with senior safety in mind is a great way to make your home safe for older adults.

There are many ways to address safety when remodeling your home. Opting for open floor plans can seriously reduce the risk of falls among seniors. Open, uncluttered areas offer better visibility. They also lower the chance of running into walls or furniture. Similarly, bathrooms and stairs are common dangers for seniors.


bathroom safety

Seniors are very prone to falling in bathrooms. They can be very dangerous for people with limited mobility or balance issues. Slippery wet floors combine with difficult movements in and out of bathtubs to make dangerous conditions. When seniors do fall in the bathroom, they are often met with hard counters, toilets, or tubs. Because bathrooms can be so dangerous, it’s important to make every effort to keep them safe for seniors.

Remodeling your bathroom with seniors in mind can make it much more accessible. Installing handrails in bathrooms and showers can make it a lot easier to get in and out of the bath. Placing seats in these areas can also lower fall risks by limiting the amount of time standing.


Stairs can also be very daunting for seniors. Many seniors fear going up and down stairs every day, making it hard for them to move throughout their house. Often, seniors would rather limit their movement within their own homes than risk a dangerous fall trying to go up or down the stairs. This is unfair to many seniors who just wish to age comfortably in their homes.

Stairs can be made safer for seniors in a variety of ways. Some changes are simple, like installing carpet. Installing carpet can increase traction, making falls less likely. Even adding more lighting or a rest area can significantly reduce the chance of falling. Other changes may be more drastic, like installing a stairlift. Stairlifts are machines that allow people to sit and ride up the stairs, rather than climb.

Seniors At Home

Seniors deserve to be able to live and age comfortably in the home of their choosing, whether that’s with family or alone. Unfortunately, many homes are unsafe for seniors. Bathrooms, stairs, and crowded floor plans all pose risks to senior safety. If you plan on taking in a senior, or if you are a senior, it’s important to address these dangers. Home remodels can be a great way to get your home safe and ready in an efficient way. Remodeling your home around senior safety can make it much safer and more enjoyable. Consider Project Build for all of your remodeling projects in and around Los Angeles, including those focused on keeping seniors safe.

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