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The Benefits of Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces

There are many benefits to indoor/outdoor living spaces. These areas manage to combine the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of a modern home. No wonder so many people are looking to live in these unique homes!

An indoor/outdoor living space is one that tries to incorporate nature and the outdoors into the home. This often involves outdoor seating, large windows, and other features that blur the line between the inside and out.

These homes can take many different forms. No matter their form, they are consistent in their ability to bring a bit of nature’s beauty into your home’s architecture. Indoor/outdoor spaces are wonderful for homeowners looking to renovate. When looking for a natural look for your home, it’s important to consider all of your options. That’s why this article will cover the benefits of such spaces, some common outdoor living spaces, as well as ways to blend the indoors with the outdoors. Lastly, we’ll review one of the most common natural home setups: an indoor/outdoor kitchen.


An indoor/outdoor living space brings a lot of great things to your home. Firstly, it’s a great way to add space to your home. Whether you like to entertain guests, have a large family, or just own a lot of stuff, most people wish their home had more space. Indoor/outdoor spaces make the most of areas you’d otherwise be ignoring.

More space is especially great for households that expect a lot of guests. An open floor plan combined with outdoor spaces creates a large, inviting home. Your guests can choose whether they’d like to enjoy the cozy indoors, the beautiful outdoors, or a little bit of both. No need for them to be cramped in a small living room, when the living room is outside.

In addition to creating more space, indoor/outdoor floor plans increase your home's value. Outdoor spaces are popular for a number of reasons, making them very valuable to potential buyers. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, there are a lot of great benefits to increasing your home’s property value. Increasing your property value can make it easier to pay off your mortgage, borrow money, and more. And most importantly, if you do choose to sell your home, it will be worth more than when you bought it.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces open up the possibilities for your home. Gatherings can become larger and more active. Even small gatherings have a much better view when they’re held outside. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the many benefits of outdoor living spaces:

Outdoor areas can serve just about any purpose you want them to. The most popular uses for an outdoor living area are sitting, eating, and entertaining. Many outdoor spaces are designed to resemble living rooms. For well-designed homes, they can even be an extension of the living room. Large windows and doors can blur the lines between these areas. This will give the appearance of one large, indoor/outdoor space.

Outdoor living spaces can be simple or complex. Simple setups may include furniture, such as a table and chairs. More complicated setups often have basic furniture as well as some appliances. Fire pits are great for outdoor living spaces, as they provide a centerpiece for gatherings. For colder areas, they can also be very functional. Fireplaces are a similarly great addition to any outdoor living space.

If you would rather watch something a little more exciting than a fire, consider adding an outdoor television. An outdoor television is amazing for parties, especially when paired with fire pits or barbecues. Gamedays and movie nights can get a serious upgrade when watch parties are held under the stars.

Indoor Outdoor Living

Indoor/outdoor living can be more than just making the most of outdoor space. It also involves blending the two elements. This means finding ways to incorporate the outdoors into other parts of your home as well. One way to do this is with large bay windows that give you a great view. Similarly, skylights and open breezeways allow you to bring the outdoors further into your home. Additionally, these features add more light and space to your home, making it feel bigger.

Many people feel like they can’t invest in a pool if they live somewhere cold. With an indoor/outdoor pool, you can enjoy your space no matter the weather. Pools are a great source of exercise that ought to be used year-round. With indoor pools, they can be.

While patios are common, many people fail to make the most of them. With an indoor/outdoor perspective, a simple patio can be renovated into a wonderful place to gather under any circumstances. There are even features that can be added to make patios more hospitable. Fire pits, heaters, and fireplaces can all be installed to keep you warm on cold nights. Screened-in patios can keep bugs and other pests outside while you still enjoy the fresh air.

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen

Indoor/outdoor kitchens are great for homeowners that love to cook. Outdoor kitchens typically feature cooking appliances, counters, and seating outside. All of which are protected against the elements. Outdoor kitchens are great for barbecues, cookouts, and more. Hosts and guests alike can stay near the food while also enjoying each other’s company outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens give your home more space. They provide more area to gather as well as cook. An outdoor kitchen is one of the most functional additions to a home since it can be used for many events, big and small.

Indoor Outdoor Living with Project Build

Indoor/outdoor living spaces are wonderful additions to any home. Renovations like these can drastically change how you view and use your living space. Drastic changes like these require professional remodelers. Project Build understands the beauty and importance behind indoor/outdoor living. If you’re looking to combine the beauty of nature with the convenience of the indoors, look to Project Build.

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